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Citizenship Qualifications

Citizenship qualifications give public recognition to pupil attainment and achievement in the subject. Many teachers agree using qualifications helps give status to the subject and ensures the achievements of students are recognised and valued by the school, parents and the wider community.

GCSE Citizenship Studies

GCSEs are available from the awarding organisations AQA, Edexcel and OCR. Each GCSE addresses the teaching requirements of the key stage 4 National Curriculum programme of study for citizenship and involves candidates in undertaking an active citizenship project as well as the development of knowledge and understanding. The new GCSE specifications are for first teaching from 2016 and first examination in 2018.

Over the past ten years more than half a milion pupils have achieved a GCSE Citizenship Studies and the qualification contributes to performance in school league tables. GCSE Citizenship Studies counts towards the DFE Progress 8 measure of attainment.

A level Citizenship

An A level is available from AQA. This has been designed to offer students progression from the GCSE. It is particularly useful for students seeking to continue their studies to degree level in a wide range of subjects including the humanities, social and political science. It may also be of interest to those thinking about careers in politics, government, public service and the law.

Other qualifications

There are also a range of other qualifications which recognise pupil achievement in aspects of citizenship. For example:

  • the CERTA Community Organising certificate for level 2 and Community Organising Certificate for level 3 students aged 14-19
  • the ASDAN Cope Award offers recognition for pupil's personal and social development
  • the BTEC Public and Uniformed Services offers recognition for those pursuing careers in public and/or uniformed services.
  • Edexcel igcse in Global Citizenship
  • The Extended Project (EPQ) is a stand-alone level 3 qualification in which students choose to develop and extend topics from within and beyond their taught subjects. Accrediting active citizenship through the EPQ

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