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Routes into Citizenship teacher training (ITT)

"Schools need brilliant Citizenship teachers to teach young people about all aspects of democratic and civic life and how to become responsible, active and rights respecting citizens." (Get Into Teaching)

Deciding to train to become a teacher is a big step. We'll do what we can to help you. To become a trained citizenship teacher you need to gain Qualified Teacher Status.

The most popular way to gain this status is to do a degree in a subject related to what you want to teach (for citizenship this includes politics, philosophy, economics, law and other social sciences).

Routes into training to become a Citizenship teacher have changed. Whilst there are a number of universities offering high quality specialist training, you can also apply to a work based training provider. These are often known as SCITT. To find out about the various ways in which you can train as a citizenship teacher we suggest visiting the Department for Education's routes into teaching, the Get Into Teaching website and the UCAS website for teacher training courses (search by region). You can also read more about training to teach citizenship at TEACHCitizenship



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