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Support While Training

If you are already training to be a Citizenship teacher.....

ACT is able to advise you on any aspect of your PGCE. You can contact us online through our ask the experts page (this can be done anonymously), by email or call us on 020 7566 4133.


There are a number of places you can go for further support in your PGCE year in addition to your tutor and the school you're placed in.

CitizEd offer a website with information about citizenship and events (conferences, seminars, workshops) and research papers on teaching citizenship.

Among their aims and objectives CitizEd list:

  • Improving the content and dissemination of materials for citizenship ITT;
  • Strengthening ITT provision by providing student teachers with additional opportunities to improve their citizenship subject knowledge during and after the course (NQT year);
  • Providing resources that assist in training that go beyond presenting the knowledge content of citizenship by supporting active teaching and learning styles;
  • To provide a major web site for teacher educators in Higher Education (HE) and schools together with student teachers in citizenship education.
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