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28th Apr 2020 5:01pm News

ACT collaborates with CfSA to provide online resources

ACT joins forces with twenty five subject associations to respond to surge in demand for home learning support

ACT and CfSA provide resources during Covid times

Subject associations including the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) are experiencing a surge in demand for practical resources and support for home learning in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. In response the Council for Subject Associations (CfSA) has created a new online directory of organisations to guide parents and education professionals in need of specialist resources and support across all subjects.

Following calls from teachers, parents, and the UK Government, subject associations have tailored hundreds of pupil resources for use by parents as standalone materials. ACT teachers have come together to develop a resource bank of over 100 items including subject advice and home-based learning support, as well as expanding an online offer of continuing professional develop and subject knowledge enhancement for teachers. Since lockdown began there has been a 35% increase in traffic to our web-based teaching resources.

In recognition of the need for better information about the support and resources available the CfSA has created a comprehensive directory of members and other organisations which we have contributed to.

The directory details how each organisation assists practitioners in every subject taught in the classroom and supports provision in schools and lists the type of help and professional resources available and how to access them.

“We need to help children continue to study a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that includes citizenship education and has space for personal development. This is a critical moment for children to learn about citizenship, the importance of community, the complexities for government in dealing with an unprecedented global health emergency, as well as how to critically engage with different media to make sense of news and information they encounter about the pandemic.

ACT teachers have come together to build a fantastic bank of home learning resources. In the coming weeks we will be releasing new materials supported by the US Embassy in London, and in collaboration with Shout Out UK, on media literacy education. We want to ensure every child develops as an active and informed citizen.

We are delighted to be part of today’s launch by CFSA. With the other subject associations we help ensure every child receives a high-quality education by supporting teachers, whether they are training, newly qualified or experienced. We are here to offer subject advice, resources and continuing professional development and most importantly, a rich community of citizenship teachers across the country who are willing to share their expertise and experience and support each other.” Liz Moorse, ACT Chief Executive

Chair of the UK Council for Subject Associations, Associate Professor Andy Connell, said: “Subject associations have responded rapidly to write and create resources that can be delivered at home by parents. This enormous surge in demand for specialist educational support and advice reflects the immediate need for content and expertise to provide the best possible education to children and young people at this challenging time.”