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7th Nov 2022 9:21pm News

ACT hosts events for UK Parliament Week 2022

See what ACT is doing to support UK Parliament Week 2022 and find out how you can get involved.

ACT supports Parliament Week with series of teacher events.

We are thrilled to partner with the UK Parliament Outreach and Engagement Team to host a special event exploring how people at UK Parliament work with members of the public to create change. This event is part of UK Parliament Week (UKPW), which is being celebrated between 14-20 November, 2022. UKPW is an annual event, spreading the word about what Parliament is, what it does and how you can get involved. You can register on their website and get a kit that helps inform you about UK Parliament, taking action, and making an impact on the issues you care about.

What’s the event about?

Parliament works with members of the public to facilitate change. Change that benefits individuals and wider society. Join the online panel discussion, UK Parliament Week Event: How Can My Students Create Change?, to hear examples of where parliamentarians have engaged with campaigns. As well as getting ideas and inspiration at this event, you will also learn what motivates a member of the House of Lords or House of Commons to support causes. 

The panel consists of ACT Teaching Ambassadors and people at UK Parliament, including Baroness Hunt, who will discuss their experiences of campaigning and creating change. In addition to hearing what is important to getting your students’ ideas noticed, this is your chance to ask the panel questions regarding the process of changing laws and influencing policy. For further information and to register for this free event head to the registration page.

Watch our recorded Get Ready for Parliament Week 2022 events

To prepare teachers and educators for Parliament Week 2022, ACT hosted two preparatory online events during October. The first was entitled, Get Ready for UK Parliament Week: Understanding UK Parliament, and looked at developing understanding of UK Parliament, including the role of MPs and Peers, the House of Lords and House of Commons, Select Committees, and how it links to the school curriculum. 


The second event in the series, Get Ready for UK Parliament Week: How can my school get involved? explored ideas and activities that you could either organise in your classroom or across the life of your school.

“I found this training very insightful and the presenter was very knowledgeable. I feel confident in what I am able to deliver after coming away from this training.”

Gillian Wilkinson, Nunthorpe Academy Participant of Get Ready for Parliament Week event