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4th Jun 2024 9:00am News

ACT launch Parallel Elections Project

ACT’s Parallel Elections Project has launched. Resources will be released on a weekly basis up until the vote

Watch Professor Sir John Curtice speak about Parallel Elections

ACT launch Parallel Elections Project 

ACT’s Parallel Elections Project allows students to develop their knowledge and active citizenship skills during an event that affects everyone in the country. 

Resources written by teachers for teachers

The new Project provides schools with resources that will support pupils to explore and immerse themselves fully within the election process. ACT’s assemblies, lessons, and toolkits will not only teach pupils knowledge about what happens during a general election, but will also allow pupils to experience this in real-time, via a school-based parallel election. 

Real-Time Experience

The parallel election will mirror and run alongside the real election, allowing pupils to experience an authentic and practical experience of how democratic elections work in the UK. This includes the launch, campaigning, voting and analysis. Giving pupils the opportunity to develop their political literacy and experience this important element of democracy through a simulated and engaging activity.

Flexible Learning & Up-to-Date Content

Designed for maximum flexibility, the project seamlessly integrates with the existing curriculum. Additionally, weekly content updates ensure your lessons stay fresh and students remain engaged with the latest information about the General Election.

Resources will be released on a weekly basis and users will be notified when new materials become available. This allows teachers to be flexible with their planning and ensures the materials are as up to date and reflective of the evolving events in the Election as possible.

Free CPD sessions to support your teaching of the election

Alongside the Parallel Elections materials, ACT will be hosting free online workshops to help support teachers throughout the General Election. The first of these online events, Get Set for the General Election will introduce teachers to the Parallel Elections materials.

Learn from experienced educators on running a successful parallel election and how to adapt these flexible materials seamlessly into your curriculum.

Visit our events page to find out more.

The Parallel Elections Project is an innovative approach to teaching about democracy, elections and voting through active learning. The process is designed to complement the national curriculum for Citizenship and bring the study of elections to life. Students will get involved in a simulated learning activity that mirrors the stages of the real election. They will gain first hand experience of the phases involved from registering to vote, to organising a count and learn what is involved for campaign and election teams. We look forward to hearing from students and teachers about how their Parallel Elections go and hearing about their results.

Liz Moorse
ACT Chief Executive

Download the Project Materials now

Week 1 resources are now available to download with new resources released every week up to the vote. Visit our Parallel Elections page to download the resources and sign up for further updates.

Parallel Elections Project: Download resources