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ACT RFK Human Rights Curriculum project overview

The ACT pilot of the RFK human rights curriculum supported Citizenship teachers across England in using and adapting resources developed by the Robert F. Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights.

The Speak Truth To Power curriculum is based on the UN’s principles of human rights education and its lessons use the stories of human rights defenders.

This short film shows the experiences of teachers and pupils taking part, and the impact the Speak Truth to Power curriculum can have.

Human Rights Defenders: Inspire the work
Becoming a Defender: Is the outcome of the work

“Ordinary people can make a conscious decision to do something good. Everyone can make change happen.” (Year 8 Pupil)


ACT invited a number of schools in England to participate in the project. Middlesex University evaluated the project to find out:

  • How teachers use, adapt and/or supplement the resources
  • How well the resources worked in lessons in primary and secondary schools
  • What teachers found to be the most valuable aspects of the resources
  • What kind of opportunities for active citizenship developed in response to the human rights issues explored.
  • The University also evaluated the extent to which there was an impact on pupil attitudes to and learning about human rights, human rights issues and human rights actions.




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