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ACT Teaching Ambassadors

ACT Ambassadors

Find out more about our ACT Teaching Ambassadors, their regions and their expertise.

David Elliott

Based in London

David is a humanities teacher who specialises in Citizenship and Religious Studies at The Archbishop Lanfranc Academy in South London. He became a teacher after working within secondary schools in London as a volunteer mentor and teaching assistant, and then department lead. He joined ACT towards the end of his NQT year in 2020. One of David's key responsibilities is to lead the KS3 curriculum for Citizenship. He enjoys engaging students in learning about the UK, its role in the wider world and encouraging active citizenship and participation in creating positive change. David’s interests involve epistemology, philosophy, politics and leadership and he is a qualified member of Chartered Management Institute. David is the first Early Career, ACT teaching ambassador.

Pauline Amechi

Based in London

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Pauline is an experienced teacher of Citizenship, Religion and Philosophy. During her teaching tenure she has held Leadership roles as HOY across the key stages and HOD - RS and BTEC Health and Social Care. Pauline works at the Harris Academy in Bermondsey and will be supporting teachers within the Trust as well as locally.

Scott Amott

Based in East Midlands

Scott is PSHCE (Citizenship and PFL) Coordinator and Whole School SMSC Lead at Heanor Gate Science College in Derbshire. He is a member of ACT Council and took part in the ACT Building Resilience Project. Scott recently completed his Masters in Education.

Sera Shortland

Based in East Midlands

Sera is Head of Citizenship at New College Leicester. Since completing a Citizenship PGCE at Leicester University, she runs a Leicester political speaking competition and is passionate about social justice issues. Sera also greatly enjoys teaching GCSE Citizenship Studies, especially the legal side of citizenship as she taught GCSE law for several years. Sera has been a member of ACT Council since March 2018.

Helen Blachford

Based in South East

Helen is Head of Faculty for Humanities and Curriculum Leader for Citizenship and PSHE at Priory School, a large secondary school in Southsea, Hampshire. She has been Chair of ACT Council since 2015, helps lead TeachMeets and has worked to support teachers and Citizenship professionals with the National Curriculum for Citizenship. Helen has particular interests in political literacy, human rights education and the law and is passionate about active citizenship. She delivers AQA GCSE Citizenship Studies as an option subject.

Bryden Joy

Based in South East

Bryden is Head of Life Studies at Perins School in Alresford, Hampshire. He grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and has lived in England for ten years. Bryden’s aim is to ensure that all pupils are aware of their rights, and that they have the knowledge and skills to be able to make informed decisions in their daily lives. He delivers OCR GCSE Citizenship Studies as an option subject.

Jane Haynes

Based in South West

Jane is Head of Citizenship at a small 11-16 comprehensive school in the south Cotswolds. She has around 80 pupils studying GCSE Citizenship Studies and is responsible for the key stage 3 Citizenship curriculum. A History teacher originally, Jane has found the transition to leading Citizenship invigorating as it brings a fabulous 'live' element to her classroom.

Emily Owen

Based in London

Emily followed the TeachFirst route into secondary education after studying Politics and International Relations at Manchester University. She taught at a school in St Helens for four years and then at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls and Harris Academy, Beckenham. She was a Head of Department for over 10 years and set up a Citizenship & PSHE hub to bring together other teachers of the subject to work collaboratively. Emily is passionate about raising student's engagement in the political landscape, giving them a voice to shout about the things they want to see changed.

Ryan Mason

Based in London

Ryan is Curriculum Leader for Humanities at Addey and Stanhope School. He is a trained Citizenship teacher and has been leading the subject and teaching Citizenship explicitly in the curriuclum for over ten years. Ryan has been involved in working with ACT and contributed to national curriculum development projects. Ryan's approach to teaching the subject has been positively recognised by Ofsted.

Ben Miskell

Based in Yorkshire and the Humber

Ben is a specialist Citizenship teacher and teaches 11 to 16 year old pupils at Bradfield School, a secondary school in Sheffield. He also teaches A-Level Politics and Law. Ben is a member of ACT Council. He is a local Councillor on Sheffield City Council and an active community campaigner.

Steven Humphrys

Based in North West

Steven is Head of Citizenship and PSHE at Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, a large state 11-18 grammar school in Trafford, Manchester. He teaches Citizenship as a discreet subject across Key Stage 3 and 4 and has a large option GCSE group, following the Edexcel specification. He has a Religious Studies and Sociology degree, and is particularly interested in Human Rights, Equality and the role of the media in contemporary society.

Daryl Henson

Based in North East

Daryl Henson has been in education since 2014. Having started his training teaching A-Level/Foundation degree level Law, he transitioned into secondary education teaching English. Having obtained a Masters Degree in Law, he followed his passion and in 2018 was able to introduce Citizenship Studies as an optional GCSE subject at his current school, Wyvern College. Teaching dual subjects certainly has its positives when it comes to Citizenship education, as we can explore cross curricular issues that arise. He was recently appointed as the North East Regional Ambassador for the Association of Citizenship Teachers, and very much welcomes the chance to develop whilst working with ACT.

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