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ACTive Citizenship Award - how to submit your application

When you are ready to submit your application for the ACTive Citizenship Award this is what you need to do.

Get ready to submit your application using our online form

You will need:

  • all the names of the pupils who took part
  • a news report from the pupils about their active citizenship project 
  • consent forms

You can use a single form for multiple pupils who participated in the same active citizenship project but please be sure to list all the pupil names. 

Ensure you include and upload a 'news report' about the action project.

You can use the simple framework from step 7 in the pupil toolkit to guide your pupils to create their own short news report about the action they took. Alternatively if there are photos, drawings or presentations from their action they could choose one image and write a short caption about it to tell us what they did and what happened.

If you have other materials that pupils have put together during the project you do not need to submit these. However we suggest you hold on to them.

Include the appropriate consent form for your pupils if your are submitting photographs or personal data and upload this when you submit your application.


You are now ready!

Please complete the application form 

If you have any problems please email us at

Thank you and we look forward to seeing your application!

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