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ACTive Citizenship Award - how to submit your application

When you are ready to submit your application for the ACTive Citizenship Award this is what you need to do.

1. Read the instructions and complete the application formYou can complete one application for each ACTive citizenship project undertaken but please be sure to name all the pupils who participated in a group or class project. If pupils undertook separate ACTive citizenship projects, then one form for each pupil will be needed.

2. Ensure pupils have created a 'news report' about their action. You can use the simple framework from step 7 in the pupil toolkit to guide your pupils to create their own short news report about the action they took. Alternatively if there are photos, drawings or presentations from their action they could choose one image and write a short caption about it to tell us what they did and what happened.

If you have other materials that pupils have put together during the project we ask teachers to hold onto these.

3. Complete the appropriate consent form for pupils.

4. Send us the application form/s, consent form/s and pupil report/s.



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