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Review of “Disarm the Base” Board Game by Sera Shortland

Review of “Disarm the Base” Board Game by

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‘Disarm The Base’ is an imaginative board game that promotes dialogue and interaction with issues around social justice, the arms trade and protest. Starting with the mission, to disarm planes about to fly off and bomb civilians, the game continues with a clever use of storytelling that inspires you to want to learn more. Being based on a real protest it encourages teachers to explore themes in this game further and find case studies of real activists to extend learning about direct action. This is where the game misses a trick, as the story could be further developed and enable more missions to occur to keep the anticipation going. However, the game can be used as a catalyst in the classroom and links are made easily to the citizenship or history curriculum, whether learning about the United Nations, pressure groups or protest and action, this game adds a further dimension.  Having played (1 of only 500, so if you decide to give it a try, be quick!), the potential was clear, not only did discussion promote rapid communication around campaigning and the disarmament movement, but, for the first time, we wanted to collaborate and win together. This game relies on a collaborative approach, all win, or all lose, which in terms of the arms trade, is quite prophetic. All proceeds from this game go towards the Campaign Against Arms Trade.


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