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Citizenship and me

My experience with Citizenship education started in Year 7 at secondary school. I instantly connected with the subject, so much so that I chose Citizenship as one of my GCSE options and after three years of studying it, obtained an A grade. This allowed me to further my citizenship education at A-Level where I obtained a B grade. After studying this subject for a total of seven years I realised I had a passion for politics and so it seemed fitting that when it came to choosing my University and the course I wanted, Politics made perfect sense and the University of Westminster was the perfect political environment for me to do this.

From a very young age something about teaching has always intrigued me. The idea of being able to educate someone based on my knowledge has always seemed very fascinating and since studying Citizenship, it became very apparent that teaching Citizenship was the direction I wanted to take. My passion for teaching was so strong that after my first year of University I went back to my old secondary school, picked up a timetable and taught Citizenship for 7 weeks - planning lessons, marking books and re-writing schemes of work. This experience not only allowed me to develop my teaching ability and my passion for it to grow but to also have a different experience with the subject. When one teaches Citizenship you slowly grasp how important the subject is for young people, but it’s also incredibly inspiring because when in each Citizenship lesson I could see how the pupils connected with the subject and what they got from it, no matter how big or how small, I could say each child benefits from being in just one lesson. 

After this experience I was sure citizenship teaching was the route for me, and I was baffled by the fact not all schools did this relevant subject, especially with how engaged young people are today. So as part of my degree I chose the internship module and got in touch with ACT. From here I have been able to enrich myself and my experience with Citizenship education, seeing the work of ACT to maintain the relevance of Citizenship in a challenging education system.

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