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Golden moment at the first Teaching the EU and Brexit with Confidence conference

It’s great to be leading sessions again at the Teaching the EU and Brexit with Confidence conferences.

I’m working with teacher delegates on pedagogies to develop their pupils’ critical thinking and problem solving skills. We’re looking at approaches like The Deliberative Classroom, argument frames and opinion finders that aim to get learners more involved in asking questions, digging deep and researching the issues.

At the first session, we welcomed London MEP Seb Dance. He spoke about the importance of pupils and students using critical thinking skills to explore issues about the EU, Europe and Brexit. Teachers were really impressed by his understanding of the key issues in teaching approaches, with broad smiles and nods. Well done Seb for cutting right to the heart of the issue - helping learners to dig deeper into what they hear and see!!

I look forward to seeing what issues are raised at the next conference, and to sharing key moments with you.

Teaching the European Union and Brexit with confidence: A series of free one-day conferences from the European Parliament UK Office.

These politically neutral events are organised by Active Citizens FE, working in collaboration with The Association for Citizenship Teaching. They are for staff in schools and colleges in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and focus on all stages in the 11-18 age range.

Find out more about the conferences and sign up via Active Citizens FE.

Chris Waller is Director of Education at the Association for Citizenship Teaching.

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