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Discrimination & prejudice

NEW Beyond Black History Month - CPD for teachers

This brand new three part CPD course has been designed to support teachers in promoting race equality in schools and teaching about the ongoing struggle for equality in society through Citizenship education. The course will be certificated for those teachers who complete all three sessions. It is possible to join for only one session if you prefer although it is advised that the two sessions on the curriculum are both attended. 

Holocaust Memorial Day and Citizenship - Stand Together

This resource has been developed by Zoe Baker to help teachers consider and plan ways in which Citizenship can make an important contribution to educating children about the Holocaust.

Links to activities and teaching ideas are provided.

Free to Speak Safe to Learn from the Council of Europe

ACT is delighted to support a campaign launched by the Council of Europe, 'Free to Speak, Safe to Learn', which encouarges all schools to become 'Democratic Schools'. 

Immigration and protest - a case study of Dover in 2016 - the ACT Building Resilience Project

Immigration and protest - a case study of Dover in 2016

Zoe Baker, Citizenship Teacher, led work on The ACT Building Resilience Project at The Towers School and Sixth Form in Ashford, Kent.



February is LGBT History Month in the UK. This is a great opportunity to engage students in topics of equality and diversity.

LGBT History Month seeks to tell the often overlooked stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and celebrates their contributions to the world in the past and today.

Through My Eyes

Explore how conflict changed the men, women and children who tell their own stories here.

Explore how it shaped their feelings about who they are and where they belong.

Their stories tell of human cruelty and kindness, prejudice and patriotism, adversity, determination, and the fight for equality and identity.

Read about the impact of being uprooted from home and family, of encountering the violence of conflict, of the desire to help, and the fight to build a new life.

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