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Diversity: gender

Gender Politics at the National Portrait Gallery

There are good opportunities to explore Gender Politics at the National Portrait Gallery at the moment. Leaving the sumptuous Vogue exhibition aside for the moment, hurry to the second floor for the superb one room exhibition Exposed: The Naked Portrait.

Simply displayed, the exhibition makes its point - bodies come in all shapes and sizes and beauty has no relation to age and size!

Towner Art Gallery Eastbourne - exhibition reviews

There are two exhibitions at the Towner Art Gallery in Eastbourne that are of interest to citizenship teachers and may well be worth a trip to the seaside.

Recording Britain
Organised by the V&A | exhibition runs until 2 May 2016

ACT guidance to support revised National Curriculum for Citizenship 2014

ACT has developed a range of guidance and materials to support the revised National Curriculum 2014. The materials include:

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