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Respecting difference: religions & beliefs

20 Lessons for 20 years: Human Rights Lessons


What are Human Rights? 
Key stage 3, year 7

This is an introductory lesson to human rights, to get students thinking about their own perceptions of what ‘human rights’ are, what it means to have rights, and the potential implications if a right is taken away.
Developed by Dr Verity Currie, Assistant Headteacher at Enfield Grammar School and ACT Council Member. 

Holocaust Memorial Day and Citizenship - Stand Together

This resource has been developed by Zoe Baker to help teachers consider and plan ways in which Citizenship can make an important contribution to educating children about the Holocaust.

Links to activities and teaching ideas are provided.

Deliberative Classroom: Religious Freedom

The resources in this Deliberative Classroom pack focus on the topic of Religious Freedom. The pack begins with a briefing paper to help teachers think about the depth of conceptual knowledge students need as they learn about freedom and religious freedom. Additional reading and resources are also suggested.

The Prevent Duty and Controversial Issues: creating a curriculum response through Citizenship

'The Prevent Duty and Controversial Issues: creating a curriculum response through Citizenship' is a new publication that offers guidance to schools and teachers as they consider and develop their response to the Prevent Duty.

DFE Minister pays tribute to ACT's work to support citizenship and SMSC

The role and work of the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT) has been commended by DFE Minister, Nick Gibb.

In recent correspondence with ACT, Nick Gibb who is the Minister of State for School Reform, has stated his appreciation of the expertise and support that ACT provides to schools and acknowledges the time and effort that goes into providing this.



Holocaust Memorial Day is January 27th. Next week is a great opportunity for teachers in Citizenship lessons to explore issue of genocide, holocaust and human rights. ACT would encourage teachers to download resources from the Holocaust Memorial Day website to help support such work. Discussing this with colleagues who work in History departments or arrange school assemblies would also be a way forward.



Thursday 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day 2011 and marks the 66th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz- Birkenau. On this day, the challenge to teachers and young people is to search out the Untold Stories of the Holocaust.

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