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20th Apr 2020 1:19pm News

Congratulations to new Citizenship teacher President of NASUWT

Michelle Codrington-Rogers is the new President of NASUWT and a Citizenship Teacher.

Congratulations to Michelle Codrington-Rogers, President of NASUWT and a Citizenship Teacher!

The NASUWT announced on 10th April that a Citizenship teacher from the Cherwell School in Oxfordshire has been inaugurated as the first black National President of the NASUWT. Michelle Codrington-Rogers teaches at an ACT Member school.

In an article published by NASUWT, she quotes, ‘for me education is about empowering the next generation to be able to see how we can make the world better. It is about how we move forward as a society and as a species.’

We’re proud of you, Michelle!

Photo from The Voice online