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The Deliberative Classroom Films

These three short films illustrate whole school strategies and classroom approaches from two schools to show how they create a safe space for the discussion of controversial and sensitive issues through knowledge based classroom debate.

The Deliberative Classroom. Providing a safe space for debating controversial issues.
This film shows excerpts from lessons with pupils in two secondary schools including how to create a safe space for debating controversial issues, avoiding polarisation and promoting the fundamental British values. Deliberative pedagogy enables pupils to consider the evidence, challenge ideas, deepen their knowledge and understanding of complex issues and give reasons for their viewpoint.

The Deliberative Classroom - a whole school approach to promoting fundamental British values
Headteachers and staff from two secondary schools, and a Prevent Education Officer, disucss developing a 'whole school' approach to promoting fundamental British values. They consider: the communities they serve; the culture and ethos at their school and how to build resilience through a curriculum that promotes British values and the teaching of citizenship. Establishing trust and postive relationships between staff, pupils, parents and the community are key.

The Deliberative Classroom - building teacher confidence with controversial issues.
In this film, teachers discuss the support, training and CPD they feel is beneficial to build teacher confidence when addressing controversial issues through classroom debate.

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