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Authoritarian governments

150 Citizenship Lessons for Years 7-11

We're pleased to be the curriculum partner with the OAK national academy for citizenship.  

ACT teachers have designed lessons for years 7-11. The online classroom and activities club was set up to help teachers and parents support their pupils and children during the Covid pandemic.

Political Ideologies - the ACT Building Resilience Project

Political Ideologies

Sanum Khan, Head of Citizenship, led work on The ACT Building Resilience Project at Chalfonts Community College in Buckinghamshire.

The project focused on critical thinking, problem solving and enquiry skills and taking informed and responsible actions through eight Citizenship lessons with about sixty Year 9 students. Pupils explored different political ideologies and the controversial issues of freedom fighting, extremism and popular uprising using national and international case studies.

Syria-legal weapons and illegal weapons

As the crisis in Syria continues, much the recent argument between those nations who are concerned about the fighting has been about the moral and legal use of certain weapons. These are complex matters yet of great interest to students. Go to the British Red Cross pages for some really good ideas about discussing these matters.

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