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'Magna Carta' published by the British Library

'Magna Carta' published by the British Library has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources.

'Under Pressure - How Pressure Groups operate' published by CND Peace Education

'Under Pressure - How Pressure Groups Operate' by CND Peace Education has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Education Resources. It offers a range of practical teaching and learning activities that explore power, influence and campaigning.

New DFE guidance on 'Promoting fundamental British values as part of SMSC in schools'

Following much debate and discussion, DfE has finally produced new guidance called 'Promoting fundamental British values as part of SMSC in schools'. The guidance applies to all maintained schools and is a response to the so-called Trojan Horse cases and concern by DfE and Ofsted regarding the requirement to prepare pupils for life in modern Britain. ACT is pleased to see the guidance published but is disappointed that though there are clear links to Citizenship and SMSC and Citizenship teaching and learning, there is no specific reference to the subject.

Help us improve revised GCSEs in Citizenship Studies

ACT council met last weekend to discuss the consultation proposals from the DFE and Ofqual for revised GCSEs in Citizenship Studies. We have agreed to run a survey seeking your feedback to help guide how ACT should respond.

Now we need your help in three specific ways.

Rock Enrol: Updated voter registration and elections teaching materials

With the renewed interest in registration, elections and voting, there has never been a better time to engage young people in the democratic process, encourage them to be active citizens and register to vote. The Rock Enrol!® resource pack creates that opportunity by using fun, interactive activities.

ACT guidance to support revised National Curriculum for Citizenship 2014

ACT has developed a range of guidance and materials to support the revised National Curriculum 2014. The materials include:

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 7 Political literacy

Becoming politically literate is a key aim of citizenship education. Professor (Sir) Bernard Crick wrote, "We aim at no less than a change in the political culture of this country both nationally and locally: for people to think of themselves as active citizens, willing, able and equipped to have influence in public life." (The Advisor Group Report on Citizenship and Teaching Democracy in Schools, QCA 1998). The purpose of this module is to help teachers become confident with teaching this essential aspect of the subject.


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