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Online CPD

How to plan a Scheme of Work

Join us to go back to the principles of what planning a series of lessons should look like for progression and knowledge in Citizenship

About this event

In this workshop, we will explore what exactly we should consider when planning a series of lessons. Whether you call them schemes of work, units, or medium-term terms there can be no denying that with workload issues the importance of coherent planning at this level can support all teachers in the department. What then do we need to think about when planning more than one lesson and who makes the choice of what to include and exclude based on what criteria? All of this and more will be discussed with lots of chances to participate and share ideas. 

Who is it for?

This session is ideal for any teachers who will need to plan a sequence of lessons during their time in teaching.

Why attend?

By attending this session you will: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the principles of planning
  • Have an awareness of where planning a scheme of work sits into wider curriculum planning
  • Leave with practical ideas to use in department or whole school planning discussions

Links to the CCF and ECF criteria

This CPD will support the Initial Teacher Education Core Content Framework (CCF) and Early Career Framework (ECF), addressing the following areas:

  • Discussing and analysing with expert colleagues how to identify possible misconceptions and planning how to prevent these forming.
  • Linking what pupils already know to what is being taught (e.g. explaining how new content builds on what is already known). 
  • Discussing and analysing with expert colleagues the rationale for curriculum choices, the process for arriving at current curriculum choices and how the school’s curriculum materials inform lesson preparation.
  • Providing opportunity for all pupils to learn and master essential concepts, knowledge, skills and principles of the subject. 
  • Discussing and analysing with expert colleagues how to revisit the big ideas of the subject over time and teach key concepts through a range of examples

CPD strand – Leading Citizenship

Leading Citizenship can be complex and often involves non-specialist teachers taking on the role. This strand will look at the logistical role of subject leaders to embed Citizenship successfully across the school. It also helps those who lead Citizenship across multiple schools and need to develop their understanding of research-informed practice and how this influences the curriculum.

Event team

Meet the team who will be running this event

Zoe Baker

Head of Education and Professional Development (ACT)


These are some of the questions we are most often asked about our training sessions. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.