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Online CPD

Welcome to Your Vote

The Electoral Commission and ACT are pleased to offer this introduction to democracy, elections and voting.

About this event

In partnership with the Electoral Commission, join our experienced team to discuss how to effectively teach about democracy, voting and elections to young people.

During this session we will discuss: 

  • the use of the Electoral Commission’s impartial resources in the classroom 
  • key areas of knowledge of the UK democratic system that will underpin your teaching 
  • how to encourage young people to develop agency to carry out active citizenship projects 
  • the issue of impartiality so you feel confident you are teaching in a way that safeguards the school
  • From our experience of training teachers, we understand that teaching about democracy and elections can often seem challenging and often leaves colleagues feeling they are not equipped with the knowledge they need to support students or answer questions. This session is designed to reassure you that you do have this knowledge or can access it easily from a range of high quality free resources. 

Who is it for?

This interactive CPD is designed for all teachers who would like to build their confidence when teaching about democracy, voting and elections. Those new to teaching this subject area, and non specialist teachers, will be introduced to useful resources and supportive leaders with great experience of teaching this subject.

Why attend?

By attending this CPD you will:

  • gain confidence in how to teach about democracy, voting and elections
  • what to teach about elections and voting
  • understand the rules around political impartiality when teaching about elections and voting
  • leave with teaching techniques you can use from the next day

Additional information

The Electoral Commission is an independent and impartial organisation that oversees elections in the UK.  We have a number of roles, including registering political parties, regulating campaign finance, providing support to teams who deliver elections and have a commitment to raising awareness of elections and our democratic system to the voters. 

CPD strand – Politics, Elections and Society

Building upon the CPD offering in the previous year and feedback from our members, we have introduced a new strand entitled ‘Politics, Elections and Society’ which provides broader subject knowledge enhancement and incorporates a range of elements from previous CPD strands.

Event team

Meet the team who will be running this event

Kelly Allchin

Assistant Principal, Leeds City Academy

Zoe Baker

Head of Learning Resources

Billie Dunne

Education Engagement Manager, The Electoral Commission


These are some of the questions we are most often asked about our training sessions. If you have other questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help.