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8th Nov 2021 1:46pm News

GCSE Citizenship results highlight the resilience of pupils and teachers

The GCSE Citizenship Studies results of 2021 showed a deep commitment from schools and young people.

Today’s GCSE results are a tribute to the resilience of teachers and pupils during COVID-19 pandemic.

In classrooms across the country, teachers have stepped up under immense pressure to serve the latest cohort of pupils. In an academic year which suffered local and national lockdowns, year group/class bubbles, closures and subsequent remote teaching and learning – ACT would like to congratulate all pupils and teachers for the dedication they have shown in the most challenging of circumstances.

“During the height of the pandemic we witnessed an outpouring of public gratitude for key workers, and rightly so. Having worked closer than ever with our network of teachers across the UK over the past year, we have witnessed how they shouldered extra responsibilities and routinely worked above and beyond expectations to support their pupils to help every child achieve their full potential. Pupils across the country should be tremendously proud of their achievements in GCSE Citizenship Studies and indeed in all their subjects.” – Liz Moorse, Chief Executive

ACT has also risen to the challenge by supporting specialist and non-specialist teachers with CPD events, digital conferences and the provision of quality assured Citizenship lesson plans for virtual delivery.

This year over 20,000 pupils from over 600 schools and colleges have achieved the GCSE in Citizenship Studies. All pupils participate in an active citizenship project focussed on making a positive difference in society as part of this important qualification.

“The relevance and value of active citizenship in shaping today’s world has been acutely felt in recent times. We’ve witnessed the campaign for race equality gain global attention while the issue of rising inequality has been prominent through Marcus Rashford’s work on child poverty and the disproportionate economic impact of COVID-19 upon young people. There’s also been an increased sense of urgency regarding climate change and sustainability, along with a surge in volunteering uptake. These topics provide educationally-rich opportunities for teachers to help young people make sense of the world beyond the school gates, and empower them to take action and shape society to be a fairer and safer place for all of us.” – Liz Moorse,  Chief Executive

In the year ahead, ACT will continue to press the government to better support citizenship teaching as a key subject within a broad and balanced curriculum, while working with schools and education leaders to embed best practice and high quality citizenship teaching for every child.

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