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9th Aug 2021 2:01pm News

Help get 100,000 young voices heard on climate change issues

Will climate change affect children's rights?

ACT are supporting VotesforSchools as they aim to get 100,000 children’s voices heard for COP26.

In the run up to the United Nations conference on climate change in Glasgow this November, COP26, VotesforSchools are working with a range of partner organisations including UNICEF UK to explore with children climate change and its effect on their rights.

Teachers can download a free package of resources to facilitate a debate and the chance for children and young people to comment on the question question:

‘Will climate change affect children’s rights?’ 

Download the resources here


Each week VotesforSchools creates resources for teachers or youth leaders to hold a debate or discussion on a topical issue. Pupils then have a chance to vote and comment on the topic. They then share that information with those in authority – hugely raising the profile and impact of pupil voice. VotesforSchools typically receives around 30,000 votes each week. Examples of resources can be found here.

The Association for Citizenship Teaching has collaborated with VotesforSchools in the past to provide a range of lessons and teaching resources to support teaching in citizenship. Look out for more collaborations coming soon.