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25th Oct 2022 1:03am News

ACT influencing future education policy

Liz Moorse, ACT Chief Executive, met with Shadow Schools Minister Stephen Morgan MP to talk about Citizenship education and national education policy.

ACT CEO with Stephen Morgan MP, ACT CEO meets with Stephen Morgan MP to discuss future education policy

Last week our Chief Executive, Liz Moorse met with Stephen Morgan MP for Portsmouth South in Westminster. They met to discuss how future education policy can be enhanced to ensure every child benefits from a high quality Citizenship education. During the meeting Mr. Morgan, the Shadow Schools Minister, shared both his passion for education and his interest in Citizenship education being given greater prominence in national policy.

Mr Morgan is keen to support the growth of Citizenship teaching and the obvious need to equip learners of all ages with the skills and knowledge to navigate and thrive in an ever-changing society.

ACT welcomes the opportunity to work with all politicians to ensure their local schools develop best practice in Citizenship. We look forward to continuing to work with Stephen Morgan and his team to highlight exemplary approaches of Citizenship in the curriculum, culture and community of schools. Through effective Citizenship education we can better prepare young people for life and work and support young people to have a voice in our democracy.

It was a pleasure to meet Stephen Morgan as he’s clearly motivated to see an elevated status for Citizenship education and how future government policy could create a step change regarding the status of the subject in schools. We are pleased to see this commitment to Citizenship and to ensuring pupils in every school benefit from a curriculum that helps them be ready for life and work.

Liz meets regularly with DfE Ministers and civil servants to raise awareness and the profile of Citizenship education. As an ACT member, your voice and experiences are crucial to helping policy-makers and shapers understand the picture on the ground. Join ACT and get involved with roundtable discussions and special events to ensure your school becomes a national champion for citizenship education.

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