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Global concerns: war & conflict

VE Day 75th Anniversary and Citizenship

VE Day 75th Anniversary and Citizenship 

By Zoe Baker, Citizenship Teaching

On 8th May, were it not for fighting the outbreak of Covid - 19, many schools would be hanging out bunting and arranging tea parties with students and staff in 1940’s clothing or wearing red, white and blue. Assemblies would be held, and History classrooms would remind students of what VE Day was and why it is important to remember. 

VE Day Citizenship Teaching Resources

On 8th May, were it not for fighting the outbreak of Covid - 19, many people would be marking the 75th Anniversary of VE day. School assemblies would be held and classrooms would remind students of what VE Day was and why it is important to remember. Instead, we find teachers setting work from home.  

'The Bomb Factor' published by CND Peace Education

'The Bomb Factor' published by CND Peace Education has been award the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Education Resources. It is a practical teaching resource exploring the global issue of nuclear weapons and why some countries want to retain such weapons.

A topical activity on drones linking Citizenship and Global Learning

Have a look at our new Drones activity. It is available for FREE download and is highly topical. New concerns about drone technology are reported daily in news media and the topics strongly links global matters with the domestic in Citizenship.

Global Learning through the lens of Citizenship at Key Stage 3: A framework for exploring the use of drones

This resource explores the use of drones and killer robot technology in conflict and beyond. It was written by ACT for the Global Learning Programme.  Pupil learn to ask deep questions about automaton technology and consider how law can hold users of drone technology to account. They will consider actions they might take to share their findings and campaign for greater accountability and understanding of drones.

The Global Learning Programme and Citizenship

ACT has been developing a range of activities, advice and guidance to support the Global Learning Programme (GLP), which is a national initiative funded by DfID. The ACT materials include a poster that can be downloaded, enlarged and displayed in the staff room or classroom to promote the GLP and Citizenship, documents to use with senior leaders, parents  and governors and planning documents for teachers in Key Stages 2 and 3. The downloads include:

Holocaust Memorial Day

Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD) has taken place in the UK since 2001, with a UK event and over 2,000 local activities taking place on or around 27 January each year. This date marks the liberation in 1945 of Auschwitz death camp in Poland from Nazi forces by Russian forces  in the final months of the Second World War. The UK played a leading role in establishing HMD as an international day of commemoration in 2000, when 46 governments signed the Stockholm Declaration.

Global Learning: Pirates Ahoy

The origin of this work was something of a lighthearted challenge - to devise a Citizenship education activity about pirates to be used on September 19th International Talk Like a Pirate Day. The serious aspects however are those that ask about piracy today and explore deep ethical and values questions about the law, human rights and globalisation. The work is perhaps best defined as a toolkit for enabling exploration of a topical and controversial issue and is based around the revised Citizenship education curriculum in England and is aimed at Key Stage 3 students.

ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 11 Global citizenship

This session gives teachers an opportunity to explore their aims as global citizenship educators, and to critically review a range of approaches to global learning in Citizenship. You can download this Module 11 here.


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