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London Curriculum for Citizenship

The new Citizenship curriculum for London has been published by the Mayor of London, London Assembly in collaboration with the Association for Citizenship Teaching (ACT). The curriculum has been designed by ACT to make the most of the opportunities for young people to learn about democracy, rights, campaigning and identities and encourage them to take an an active part in democratic life in London.  

To support your teaching, there are five Citizenship lessons with corresponding class slides and student worksheets.

A teaching guide helps you plan the lesson into your Citizenship curriculum.

The lessons and teaching guide are all available to download here

1. What are our identities as young Londoners?

2. Does London recognise its young people?

3. How can young Londoners participate in democracy when they don't have a vote?

4. How can young Londoners use protest and campaigns to make their voices heard?

5. How can we make London a better place for young people?


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