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Media Literacy

The Media Literacy Education project began in April 2020 and seeks to create a series of educational interventions to counter misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the longer term. US and UK tags

The project invovled the development of:

All materials and resources produced are flexible so that they can be used at home-based by students and for use in citizenship classes once the pandemic subsides and more pupils return to school.


Citizenship education aims to develop active and informed citizens who are politically literate and media literate. This new project builds on the work of ten ACT teachers who were part of an exchange visit to the USA in 2019. Since the exchange teachers have been developing their currriculum and teaching to incorporate a greater focus on media literacy education.


Edition 51 of the ACT journal, 'Teaching Citizenship' has been disseminated free to every seconday school in England this summer. The journal focuses on disseminating tools and teaching approaches that show how to incoroporate effective media literacy education into the citizenship curriculum. Articles from a range of experts, academics and news organisations are included. 


This special edition and the project as a whole is supported by the US Embassy in London.

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