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Media Literacy

Media Literacy - New for 2022

Teacher Factsheet

Russian Invasion of Ukraine This resource gives an overview of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the humanitarian impact. You will find links to the curriculum and useful information around media literacy which will help you support students to follow an unfolding event in the news.

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CPD Course- Teaching Critical Media Literacy for Citizenship in the 21 Century
This CPD session helps you to build subject knowledge and pedagogy to teach media literacy through citizenship. The sessions address both national curriculum and GCSE requirements.


During the three sessions, we consider practical strategies and approaches for teaching about the media and building pupils media literacy and digital literacy skills.

8 February: Session 1 - an introduction to the importance of media literacy and key terminology. Part I of the REVIEW model - a tool which provides an easy way for young people to engage in and develop the skills we want them to develop.

1 March: Session 2 - Part II of the REVIEW model, a tool which provides an easy way for young people to engage in and develop the skills we want them to develop and an opportunity to discover a range of resources which can support your media literacy programme.

15 March: Session 3 - sharing of micro-lessons from participants and the opportunity to explore what is meant by responsible journalism. There will also be further practical ideas about how you can teach media literacy within the curriculum.

This CPD course will help you become:
- confident in the use of key terminology around media literacy
- adept in using critical thinking and other pedagogies and practices to teach media literacy in the citizenship classroom
- more aware of how to build resilience and counter the negative effects on citizens’ perceptions, actions and behaviours in a democratic society, during a time of crisis.







Our Media Literacy Education work began in earnest in April 2020 to create a series of educational interventions to counter misinformation during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the longer term.

The Citizenship curriculum plays a central role in teaching about the role of the media in a democratic society and the importance of developing the media literacy of every citizen young (and older). Our Chief Executive has written more about this and you can read her article here.

Citizenship education aims to develop active and informed citizens who are politically literate and media literate.

So far our work has included the development of:

This project has built on the work of ten ACT teachers who were part of an exchange visit to the USA in 2019. Since the exchange teachers have been developing their currriculum and teaching to incorporate a greater focus on media literacy education.

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