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30th Apr 2020 12:43pm News

Media literacy through citizenship - new learning activities and CPD

New media literacy project supported by the US Embassy.

New media literacy pupil learning activities and materials are being released today.

This is the first phase of an exciting new project supported by the US Embassy in London.

ACT has been funded to develop a series of media literacy education interventions designed to counter misinformation and build young people’s capacity to critically engage with news and information.

The work is being delivered in collaboration with the youth social enterprise, Shout Out UK.

The project involves creating:

  • a three part teacher continuing professional development (CPD) course designed and certificated by ACT
  • exemplar teaching resources for use both at home and in citizenship classes with secondary aged pupils
  • a series of engaging assets (podcasts, animations and infographics) that support effective media literacy education developed by Shout Out UK.

The first phase of the project uses the Covid-19 pandemic as the news issue through which pupils will learn about different kinds of information and news, as well as journalistic skills to analyse sources and fact check what they see, hear and read.

Liz Moorse ACT Chief Executive says, ‘We are delighted to be able to take this important work forward with the support of the US Embassy in London and in conjunction with Shout Out UK. Together we are creating a series of innovative learning materials and tools to counter misinformation and to equip young people with the knowlege, understanding and skills to be more informed and politically literacy, active citizens.

Most importantly, these materials have been developed by teachers who were able to visit the USA last year and learn from some of the very best experts in media literacy education. This project plus our forthcoming journal, ‘Teaching Citizenship’ are what we are doing to ensure that we share and disseminate that learing as widely as possible.’

Further resources, animations and podcasts will be released in the coming weeks.