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Citizenship and RSHE teaching political and sensitive issues - briefing

This briefing is in response to the recent media attention and concerns of many teachers about the new DFE non-statutory implementation guidance on RSHE published on Thursday 24th September.

The new DFE guidance was intended to help schools plan the implementation of RSHE requirements. However many schools have asked for clarifcation, in particular on sections of the guidance about working with external agencies; use of resources and case study material; and the lack of references to the role of Citizenship in meeting RSHE requirements.

The ACT briefing summarises the key points from the DFE statuatory guidance for governing bodies, headteachers and teachers published in June 2019. It also sets out some practical advice for discussing political and sensitive issues in Citizenship and RSHE.

The briefing will be updated following any further clarifications from the DFE. (DFE September 2020) (DFE June 2019)

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