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Citizenship Essentials to help you plan your Citizenship provision for 2016-17

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Fri, 02/09/2016 - 16:00

With an exciting new school year about to start, we have pulled together our Citizenship Essentials to help Citizenship subject leaders and teachers plan or update their Citizenship curriculum provision.

Below are links to key ACT resources, some of which are free for the public to access and some of which can be accessed through association membership. This selection will help Citizenship subject leaders and teachers plan and update their Citizenship provision.


The Citizenship Programme of Study for Key Stages 3-4
The National Curriculum Programme of Study for Citizenship education at key stages 3-4 published by the DfE

ACT guidance and explanatory notes for the Citizenship PoS KS3-4 (member only)
Guidance prepared by ACT to support the National Curriculum for Citizenship in secondary schools

The Citizenship Programme of Study for Key Stages 1-2
A non-statutory curriculum framework to help plan Citizenship provision in primary schools

A big picture for planning outstanding Citizenship education
A multimedia tool to help teachers and schools plan their curriculum and evaluate outcomes for pupils

Self-evaluation Tool for Citizenship education (for ACT Quality Standard participants)
A tool for primary and secondary schools to review and improve their Citizenship provision. Available when working towards the ACT Quality Standard Award for schools

CPD courses and school based CPD; ACT National Conference
The ACT National Conference will take place in the summer term (Tuesday 4 July 2016). CPD events and tailored training are also on offer.

Lesson planning and observation tool (member only)
To help you plan, evaluate and review the quality of Citizenship teaching in lessons

A series of topic guides (member only)
Five topic guides on the Electoral system, the Constitution, Active citizenship, Finance and the economy, Justice and the law

ACT curriculum briefings (member only)
Special briefings on the contribution of Citizenship to SMSC development and the EU, Europe and the UK

Assessment toolkit
Guidance developed by the Expert Group for Citizenship on how to assess and make progress in Citizenship.

ACT Quality Marked Citizenship Teaching Resources
In addition to ACT resources, we’ve also highlighted the best on the market to help your teaching

A number of the resources above are member-only.  If you are not yet a member and would like to access our full range of resources, alongside other member benefits such as our journal, direct support and advice and discounted rates for events, visit our page on ACT membership.

If you have any further queries on planning a Citizenship education programme, our Professional Officer can provide over-the-phone or email advice to members. Contact us

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