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NEW Beyond Black History Month - CPD for teachers

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Mon, 02/11/2020 - 18:45

This brand new three part CPD course has been designed to support teachers in promoting race equality in schools and teaching about the ongoing struggle for equality in society through Citizenship education. The course will be certificated for those teachers who complete all three sessions. It is possible to join for only one session if you prefer although it is advised that the two sessions on the curriculum are both attended. 

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Part I: Thursday 12th November: Race and Equality in School:  Dealing with whole school issues through Citizenship 

The issues of equality and race have been present for many years but due to recent events in the US, have become prominent once again in the media and society. It is natural for students to have questions and react to the images and stories that are being broadcast. The core values of Citizenship education promote equality and inclusion. These values need to be embedded in the culture and community of schools and require a whole school approach so that schools are a place where pupils learn about diversity in society, the struggle for equality and the importance of challenging all forms of discrimination including racism. Therefore the learning needs to take place across different subjects and in citizenship. 
In this session a range of speakers will suggest ways to address issues of Race and Equality as a whole school approach and across the curriculum using a Citizenship lens with a mix of practical tools and teacher development on the topic. 

Speakers include:

Lee Jerome - Students as researchers 
David Elliot - Whole staff training 
Michelle McInnis - Decolonising the curriculum 

Part II: Thursday 26th November : Race and Equality in the Citizenship Curriculum: What should we teach? 

This workshop will highlight the key topics that Citizenship offers to Race and Equality education and how these can be delivered in schools. The session will show how the core themes of human rights, the law and justice and communities, can all support Race and Equality education while delivering the core Citizenship curriculum. 

Part III: Thursday 10th December: Race and Equality in the Citizenship Curriculum: How should we teach this content? 

This workshop will build on the previous one focusing on the pedagogy teachers can use when delivering lessons on Race and Equality in Citizenship. As with other topics in the Citizenship curriculum some elements of this work can be considered as controversial so there will be discussion and guidance regarding strategies to use when teaching controversial issue issues in the classroom. We will also explore the use of deliberative debate techniques. 

Amit Puni: Kingston University 

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