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ACT National Conference: innovative teaching ideas, expertise, resources and more...

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Fri, 03/06/2016 - 13:00

Innovative Citizenship Teaching
The National Citizenship Education Conference for Teachers and Education Professionals

So, it's that time of year again - the annual national conference for citizenship educators and professionals is on Tuesday 28 June

We have a great line-up of organisations, exam boards and publishers ready to meet you, answer your questions and provide teaching resources and information on school programmes.

The programme, designed by ACT Council and staff, gives you the opportunity to:

Discover how localising the curriculum can enrich and enhance learning

Learn about pushing the boundaries at GCSE through using innovative approaches

Use active citizenship ideas & historical stimulus materials to explore issues like terrorism & extremism

Consider how a three-dimensional view of subject knowledge can provide coherence to your teaching over time. Derive a framework to inform planning for progression and assessment.

Use images & portraiture to get into values & identity, with guidance from the National Portrait Gallery

Make use of enhanced networking opportunities, facilitated by ACT Council

Attend micro-seminars by guest contributors, including the Crick Centre

Have questions about Prevent and its implications for teachers and students?
Hear from HMI Geraint Evans, National Lead for Extremism, in conversation with David Barrs, Head teacher at Anglo European School.

Annual General Meeting
This meeting is for all members of ACT and is central to our democratic and accountable structure.

Take advantage of this opportunity to network with other teachers, share ideas and experiences, discuss and work through challenges and pick up resources and information!


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