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Sign our petition to AQA to save A level Citizenship

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Fri, 13/02/2015 - 15:30

We are very disappointed that AQA, the only awarding body offering A level citizenship studies, intends to drop the subject from 2017.

Please help us stop them.

The need for stronger citizenship education and qualification opportunities in the UK has never been greater. This is obvious from the disaffection of young people from formal political processes, the implications of a possible reduction in the voting age to 16, and further requirements for schools and colleges to prevent extremism and engage their students with British values including democracy and the rule of law.

Citizenship studies combines academic knowledge and understanding with practical action. It makes an excellent contribution to the development of generic employability skills and preparation for higher education. It carries full UCAS points and is widely accepted for university entrance, cited - by Cambridge University and the LSE, for example - as a good subject choice for students preparing for a range of arts, political and social science degree courses.

Citizenship is on the reformed National Curriculum and a new GCSE in citizenship studies has just been announced. It is essential that interested students have the opportunity to progress to AS and A level, and not least because such opportunities are to be in place for all other National Curriculum subjects.

The decision to drop this qualification is absurd, particularly as AQA's own reputation is on the line. AQA is the only awarding body offering AS and A level citizenship studies: dropping it will damage their reputation as the awarding body and educational charity to have done most to champion a wide range of qualifications for citizenship education.

A group of organisations has written to AQA and needs your help to show them how badly wrong they are. These organisations are: Association for Citizenship Teaching; Citizenship Foundation; Democratic Life coalition; Expert Subject Advisory Group for citizenship; the Political Studies Association; and Active Citizens FE. The letter is signed by David Blunkett MP, Lord Phillips of Sudbury and experts including respected professionals from higher education.

We have also started a petition at urging AQA to reverse their baffling decision to drop this important A level qualification. The more signatures we can get, the better: please sign it and encourages others to do the same.

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