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Sustainable Citizenship Conference Speakers Announced

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Wed, 13/10/2021 - 11:15


Lord Jim Knight 

Should climate change education be compulsory?

‘’Now has to be the time to show children that they can do something with their knowledge of climate change.’’ 

Lord Knight proposed the Education (Environmental and Sustainable Citizenship) Bill in May 2021 following an inspiring talk from David Attenborough in the Houses of Parliament. Lord Knight seeks to use his experience in education and his place within the House of Lords to make a positive change; the Bill aims to make provision in the national curriculum for sustainable citizenship and protection of the environment. During the conference, Lord Knight will outline the proposal, the arguments for why he thinks it should progress, and what he thinks teachers can do to empower young people who care about these issues. 

Lord Knight served as Minister of State for Schools and was a cabinet member, and has held various leadership roles including at TES Global, where he was Chief of Education and External Officer. He founded TES Institute, and has managed TES Resources. He has also recently been appointed as the Chair of the Board of Trustees for the E-ACT multi-academy trust.  

The Bill is currently at the committee stage in the House of Lords, but you can view the 2nd reading of the Bill on the Hansard website here.

Liz Moorse

Developments of Citizenship Education 

“Young people are really concerned about the environment and the sustainability of this planet...we want to help them see a positive future and to empower them to do something concrete to make a difference."

Liz Moorse is Chief Executive of the Association for Citizenship Teaching, which is the professional subject association that is celebrating its 20th anniversary during the year ahead. Liz has worked in education for over twenty years and led the development of citizenship as a new curriculum subject during previous roles for central government at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority. Liz is the Department for Education's UK representative to the Council of Europe Education Policy Network on Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights and a member of the Advisory Board on Democratic Resilience with the Wergeland Centre and the Council of Europe.


Lord David Blunkett

The future of Citizenship education

"It will enable elements (of climate and a sustainable future) they are learning in other parts of the curriculum to be brought together in active citizenship to make a positive contribution."

During his time as Education Secretary, Lord Blunkett worked closely with Sir Bernard Crick to bring Citizenship to the forefront of the education agenda, and to encourage active citizenship as part of this. As we look forward to the future, Lord Blunkett can see the opportunities created by the proposed Bill to refresh and renew the subject, and ensure that young people know what contribution they can make to society and how they can make it.

Lord Blunkett is the Honorary President of the Association for Citizenship Teaching. 

To listen to our guest speakers, access parliamentary staff knowledge sessions and benefit from practical teaching sessions led by ACT Ambassadors, join our virtual conference sessions from 3-5 November.


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