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National Citizen Service and ACT launch new materials to promote social action

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Wed, 13/11/2013 - 12:00

ACT has joined forces with National Citizen Service (NCS) to launch a new resource to support high quality Citizenship teaching, active citizenship and social action in schools. 

The ‘NCS and Citizenship Curriculum Materials’ have been developed to support Citizenship at key stages 3 and 4 and promote active learning and social action. We’ve worked together to create a resource to inspire students to make a difference in communities through activities that can be linked to GCSE Citizenship Studies and the revised National Curriculum for Citizenship.

NCS is a government backed youth citizenship programme that builds the skills and confidence of 15-17 year olds to help them get ahead in work and life.  The unique programme focused around lasts up to three weeks, plus 30 hours committed to a community project that benefits both young people and society. The ‘NCS and Citizenship Curriculum Materials’ aim to promote high quality Citizenship teaching and help prepare students to participate in the NCS programme.

The materials developed and written by ACT in partnership with NCS include: 

A teaching guide with advice on how to develop active citizenship and learning approaches, as well as guidance on teaching controversial issues and working with the community

A series of flexible curriculum activities for use with Key Stage 3 and 4 students as part of Citizenship lessons and off-timetable sessions

A social action toolkit containing tips aimed directly at students for organising successful social action, to support students undertaking work for GCSE Citizenship Studies or for independent use to help research, identify and develop social action projects

A range of video case studies illustrating examples of effective social action projects whilst also demonstrating the benefits of NCS for young people.

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