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Earth Day resources from VotesforSchools

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Thu, 14/04/2022 - 18:15

We've partnered with VotesforSchools to give you exclusive access to their new Earth Day resources (see below), this includes a great 15 minute assembly, and 45 minute lesson, and your class can vote on the topic ( ACT members will also receive a 15% discount off future subscription (let VotesforSchools know you are an ACT school when signing up).

The questions being asked for Earth Day (22nd April) is: 

Is apathy the biggest threat to the environment?

This would make an excellent introduction to any of the ACT sustainable citizenship lessons.  


Here are the complete pack of resources for use across the next week: 

Secondary Assembly 

15 Minute Lesson 15 Minute Lesson Plan

45 Minute Lesson 45 Minute Lesson Plan

16+ Lesson l 16+ Lesson Plan

Curriculum Guide: England & Wales l Curriculum Guide: Scotland

Primary Assembly

Primary Age 5-7 Lesson (KS1) l Primary Age 5-7 Lesson Plan (KS1)

Primary Age 7-11 Lesson (KS2)  Primary Age 7-11 Lesson Plan (KS2)

Curriculum Guide: England & Wales l Curriculum Guide: Scotland

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Each week VotesforSchools creates resources for teachers or youth leaders to hold a debate or discussion on a topical issue. Pupils then have a chance to vote and comment on the topic. They then share that information with those in authority- hugely raising the profile and impact of pupil voice. VotesforSchools typically receives around 30,000 votes each week. Examples of resources can be found here, and of data reports here.

ACT has collaborated with VotesforSchools in the past to provide a range of lessons and teaching resources to support teaching in citizenship and encourage pupils to consider what actions are needed to address the current issues.


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