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New Topical Issues Briefing on Europe, the European Union and the UK

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Mon, 16/05/2016 - 16:45

In the second of a series of Topical Issues briefings for teachers, ACT offers guidance to help you explore Europe, the European Union and the UK.

This briefing identifies links with the National Curriculum for Citizenship at key stages 3 and 4, covers the big issues and key concepts, suggests teaching ideas and approaches, highlights opportunities for citizenship action projects and provides links to further resources.

It will help you make the subject relevant and interesting and show you how to connect Europe and the EU to the lives of pupils and the communities they live in.

Topical Issues Briefings are designed to explore topical issues in Citizenship and how they relate to the new NC Citizenship programmes of study. They provide a starting point for teachers with teaching ideas and links to further resources.

ACT has also produced a series of topic guides which are designed to explain the new areas of content in the programmes of study.

  • The Electoral System and Political Parties
  • The Constitution and Political System
  • Active Citizenship and Volunteering
  • Finance, the economy and money
  • Justice, the legal system and international law.

Teaching the European Union with confidence: A series of 10 free one-day conferences from the European Parliament UK Office.

These politically neutral events are organised by Active Citizens FE, working in collaboration with ACT. Conferences will run from 09.30 - 15.45 in city centre locations. There is no fee charged for the conferences and travel expenses will be reimbursed. Book your place via the Active Citizens FE website

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