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ACT joins over 200 organisations as member of Fair Education Alliance

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Wed, 16/06/2021 - 15:15

ACT is absolutely delighted to be joining over 200 organisations as part of the Fair Education Alliance to work together for fairer education. We are grateful to Sam Butters and Gina Cicerone, Co-CEOs for their warm welcome to ACT and all our teachers.

‘We are delighted to welcome ACT to the Fair Education Alliance. We are a coalition of over 230 organisations who want to make education fairer. We collectively believe that to do this it is essential we develop the whole child – prioritising essential skills and wellbeing alongside academic attainment in our education system. Citizenship education is a key opportunity to do this so we are delighted to welcome ACT and all your member teachers to work with us and our coalition. We exist to connect and co-ordinate efforts across our membership, create a unified vision and message for action, diversify leadership and help all our member organisations scale what they are doing so we can together transform the system more quickly and we look forward to working with you.

ACT staff and your teacher members are invited to get involved with all our collective work and details can be accessed in our weekly bulletin. Sign up here.

Sam Butters and Gina Cicerone, CO-CEOs of the Fair Education Alliance

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