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After the EU referendum – What next? A citizenship lesson

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Fri, 22/07/2016 - 16:15

After the EU referendum – What next? is a citizenship lesson to enable students to reflect on the range of issues, questions and concerns they may have relating to the aftermath of the EU referendum (published on TES' Subject Genius Blog for Citizenship).

Pupils are encouraged to reflect on how they feel about the decision, to think about what they know about the issues, and what remains unknown or uncertain. They also spend time identifying questions they have about what happens when the UK leaves the EU.

Pupils then take part in a values continuum activity to discuss a range of issues and viewpoints about the potential consequences of the referendum decision for all those living and working in the UK. 

The activities, including the use of video, could be used in a sequence of lessons and further developed to focus more deeply on the issues explored.

Find practical guidance on teaching controversial issues in citizenship, including how to ‘heat up and ‘cool down’ discussions and debate, in The Prevent Duty and Controversial Issues: creating a curriculum response through Citizenship.

Acknowledgements to Ryan Mason from Addey and Stanhope School, and Lee Jerome from Middlesex University for helping develop this lesson.

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