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ACT works with the British library on a Women's equality project

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Sat, 26/09/2020 - 10:30

We are pleased to say that ACT ambassador for London, Emily Owen, is working with the British library on a women's equality research project, focusing on the Women’s resistance movement.

This is a historical resource with great citizenship links, as it looks at campaigning, protesting, and women throughout history involvement in the equality movement. We are creating nine activities looking at representation, active citizenship and the right to vote.

The resource will have a strong link to active citizenship. 

More information about our involvement will follow.....

Find previous projects about the women's liberation movement on the BL page:

The Women’s Liberation Movement in the UK fought for the right for women to train for and gain entry into all occupations, highlighted women’s unpaid work in the home, and demanded equal pay for equal work outside the home. Learn about the actions that feminists took to change attitudes and legislation to improve equality in the workplace.

Equality, work and the Women's Liberation Movement
Sisterhood and After Research Team
The battle for equal pay was as much about class as it was about gender and the two fights ran concurrently on different fronts. Read this introductory background on equal pay in the workplace to find out how the WLM carried out their campaign.

Equal pay and equality legislation
Sisterhood and After Research Team
From actions such as the Ford machinists’ strike in Dagenham and the Grunwick Film-Processing Laboratories strike, to campaigns such The Night Cleaners, find out how the 1970 the Equal Pay Act came into effect.

Equality in religion and religious institutions
Sisterhood and After Research Team
Although women make up a large part of the congregation in many religious institutions, they rarely hold positions of institutional power. Discover how some feminists campaigned for equality in religious institutions or even explored alternative spiritualities.

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