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Oak National Academy launch weekly Citizenship lessons

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Sun, 31/05/2020 - 16:00

We are delighted that eight ACT Citizenship teachers have been leading the development of new video lessons for Oak National Academy.

Oak National Academy is the online classroom and activities club set up to help teachers and parents support their pupils and children during home learning. The National Academy provides a curriculum plan of video lessons which now includes Citizenship for years 7-10. 

Every lesson is free to use and new lessons are added each week.

Citizenship lessons are timetabled for Lesson 1 on Thursday each week until the end of the summer term. Here are some examples from our first week at Oak:

What rights are we entitled to? Why do we have laws?' What is democracy? Is Government action led by the UK economy? How are laws made?

These can be found on the Oak website and on our resources page.

 Matt Hood, Principal at Oak National Academy, said:

 “We're thrilled to be launching our Citizenship lessons at Oak National Academy for Key Stages 3 and 4. My husband trained as a citizenship teacher so I'm fully aware of how    valuable these lessons are in providing young people with essential knowledge to thrive in society. The module includes lessons on democracy, how laws are created and          how the economy works. Helping the younger generation understand how to be responsible and engaged as citizens is so important as we face this global Covid- 19 crisis,     together."




  Meet our ACT Citizenship Teachers at Oak

Steven Humphrys

"It is a great opportunity to work with Oak National Academy to support teachers with their delivery of Key Stage 3 and 4 Citizenship. Each year group is being offered a series of lessons which explore key concepts and debates within Citizenship, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to develop their understanding of how society operates, at a time when knowledge of the world is paramount!" 

Daryl Henson

"Working with Oak National Academy has allowed Citizenship education the platform it deserves to reach every school in the UK. From Year 7-Year 10, the curriculum intent and lesson design allows every pupil to pick up a range of skills and knowledge that will allow their curiosity to flourish and gain a passion for Citizenship."

Jane Haynes

''I am excited about the potential Oak offers to enlarge the appeal of Citizenship studies and appreciate the opportunity to be involved with another team of dedicated educators aiming to enthuse young people about learning."








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