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Expert Group publishes teaching resources digest for NC citizenship 2014

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Fri, 27/06/2014 - 15:15

The Expert Group for Citizenship has today published a resources digest to support teachers in preparing for the revised National Curriculum for citizenship 2014.

The resources digest is organised around key topics and skills and the phase of education they are applicable to. Topics include:

  • democracy and government
  • rights and responsibilities
  • fairness, justice, the law
  • economy and financial education
  • european, international, global
  • identities and diversity
  • critical thinking, research
  • active citizenship
  • debate.

The resources digest is not intended to be definitive but consists of items used and/or recommended by members of the Group.

Subject Expert Groups were set up in 2013 to provide strategic advice during the implementation of the revised National Curriculum and are supported by the DFE. The Expert Group for Citizenship has been meeting since January this year and comprises teachers, teacher trainers, representatives from ACT,  the Citizenship Foundation, the Parliamentary Education Service, pfeg and Ofsted.

As well as strategic discussions about the revised programmes of study, teaching resources, assessing citizenship and proposed changes to GCSE, the group is keen to offer practical help that promotes high quality subject teaching.

  • Dowload the resources digest here

Note: All website addresses were correct at the time of publication. A few items listed are due for publication over the summer.


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