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Reflecting on the Sustainable Citizenship Conference

Reflecting on the success of the Sustainable Citizenship Conference

It was fantastic to be joined by so many partners, champions and teachers over the course of the three day Sustainable Citizenship Conference with UK Parliament. It was also great to launch ACT’s 20th anniversary of supporting Citizenship education in schools nationwide and be part of Parliament Week. 

Young people to debate foreign affairs policy with MPs


Make sure the young people you know have their say!

The next HeadsUp forum - Foreign Affairs…are we making a difference? - is a chance for 11-18 year olds to discuss issues surrounding defence, international aid, Afghanistan, and Britain’s allies, with influential decision-makers.

They will debate with MPs, Peers, MEPs and policy-makers as well as other young people throughout the country.


HeadsUp forum live from 7 March – 25 March 2011

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