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Watch Professor Sir John Curtice talk about Parallel Elections

The Parallel Elections Project

The General Election 2024 presents a unique opportunity to engage students in the democratic process and foster their active participation.

ACT’s Parallel Elections Project is a comprehensive programme expertly designed by teachers for teachers to foster student engagement and understanding of the democratic process. Parallel Elections mirror the real election and provide students with an authentic and practical experience of how democratic elections work in the UK.

The Parallel Elections Pack will equip Citizenship teachers with the necessary resources and training to guide students through a parallel election, from voter registration to campaign development and results analysis.

Resources will be released on a weekly basis and users will be notified when new materials become available. This allows teachers to be flexible with their planning and ensures the materials are as up to date and reflective of the current situation in the election as possible. 

Get set for the General Election: Download the Project Materials

Pre-Election Resources

Ten 30-minute pre-election sessions designed for non-specialist educators. These sessions adhere to both SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) and British Values requirements, making them seamlessly integrable into existing school curriculums.

Download Pre-election resources

Week 1 materials – out now!

During this introductory week, pupils develop their knowledge in Lesson 1 of what an election is. Developing their understanding of what is happening in their local communities as well as nationally. Additionally, pupils will begin to plan how the election will run in their school. 

Parallel Elections Project: Week 1

Week 2 materials – out now!

Week 2 focuses on getting to grips with what is being discussed. Pupils will examine what the main parties say about key issues and how political parties use campaigns to communicate with the electorate. Additionally, pupils running parallel elections will continue to work in teams, encourage the electorate (pupils) to register to vote and get informed about what each party is saying they will do if they win the election. 

Parallel Elections Project: Week 2

Week 3 materials – out now!

This week the Parallel Elections Project focuses on the media’s role in elections, helping to develop pupils media and information literacy skills. In a video available on the resource download page, Professor Sir John Curtice provides an introduction on the history and role of the media in elections, which can support the week 3 resources.

Parallel Elections Project: Week 3

Week 4 materials – Coming soon

Parallel Elections Project: Week 4 - coming soon

Week 5 materials – Coming soon

Parallel Elections Project: Week 5 - coming soon

How is the parallel election project structured?

The ACT parallel election project is structured over four weeks:

  • Week 1: Parallel election launch. Pupils explore the importance of general elections and learn what a parallel election is.
  • Week 2: Getting to grips with real-life issues and political party manifestos.
  • Week 3: Delving into election broadcasts and thinking about the role of the media.
  • Week 4: Time for hustings, debates and poll predicting!

Four weeks of build-up are then followed by election day!

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