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Faith, Identity and Citizenship

Aliya Azam MBE, Interfaith Coordinator at the Al Khoei Foundation and Deborah Weston OBE, Director of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development at Mulberry School for Girls, describe their work bringing together Muslim students from different backgrounds in shared learning experiences. This is helpful when teaching about Faith, Identity and Diversity.

The Rule of Law

Xiao Hui Eng, Research Fellow at the Bingham Centre, for the Rule of Law, introduces ‘the rule of law’ and outlines its relevance for Citizenship teaching. It is followed by a sample classroom activity from a resource pack.

EU - In or Out

Chris Waller outlines some of the major issues in the current EU debate and poses some key discussion questions to spark debate. This is helpful when teaching about the EU or, more specifically, Brexit.

British Values and Extremism

Balbir Sohal, Education Consultant, shares her thoughts on the Duty and the best resources she has encountered. This is helpful when teaching about British values and Preventing Violent Extremism.

London Bombings

Liam Taylor, teacher, examines the development and motivation of a new resource teaching about the 7/7 bombings. This will be helpful when teaching around the topic of terrorism.

Using debating in the classroom

Amanda Moorghen, Projects Officer at the English Speaking Union, tackles some of the obstacles to using debate before sharing some practical tips for getting started.
This will be useful when planning a debate with your students.

Young active citizens

Jamie Kelsey-Fry, author of the Rax Active Citizenship Toolkit, has outlined an overall approach to encouraging active citizenship, focusing specifically on how to work with the media. This is helpful when teaching about Active Citizenship as well as climate change.

Geography and the general election

Ron Johnston, Professor of Geography at the University of Bristol, Charles Pattie, Professor of Geography at the University of Sheffield and David Rossiter, who has researched electoral geography in several institutions, outline the
important roles that geography plays in the translation of votes into seats.

The human race at bottom

Philip Cowley, Professor of Parliamentary Government at the University of Nottingham and Rob Ford, Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, reflect on the foibles of voters and remind us of the human nature of politics and elections. This is helpful for teachers when looking at voter behaviour. 

Music in the classroom

Leigh Canning, Head of Citizenship, makes a strong case for the incorporation of Music in Citizenship lessons and shares two examples.

This is taken from issue 40 of ACT Journal "Teaching Citizenship" (Spring 2015). The theme of this journal is implementing the 2014 curriculum.


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