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The Digital Democracy Commission

Dr Cristina Leston-Bandeira (School of Politics, Philosophy and International Studies at the University of Hull) shares some useful information on a Speaker’s Commission exploring the role of digital technology in enhancing the work of parliament, and strengthening the connection between parliament and citizens. This will help teachers when looking at the UK Parliamentary system and how it works.

Philanthropy in Schools

Sabina Wojtowicz, Philanthropy in Schools Programme Coordinator at the Big Give and Danny Gill, Director of Social Impact at the Dragon School, share their experience of a programme which encourages pupils to explore the work of charities and think about the work they do

Tomorrow's Citizen

Jonathan Birdwell, Head of the Citizenship and Political Participation programme at Demos, and Kate Kipling, former ESRC research fellow at Demos, write about some highlights from a recent Demos report and draw out some of the implications for citizenship education.

Children's rights and education - 25 years of the UNCRC

Frances Bestley, Programme Director for the Rights Respecting Schools Award at UNICEF UK, reflects on the implications of the UN Convention on the Rights on the Child for education.

2015 - Parliament in the making

Holly Greenland, Learning and Digital Projects Manager and Caterina Loriggio, 2015 Anniversaries Senior Campaign Manager. write about connecting the celebrations of the Manga Carta and the De Montfort Parliament as well as providing a description of the numerous activities and resources being planned by parliament for teachers.

Why Magna Carta still matters

Justin Fisher, Professor of Political Science at Brunel University, discusses the importance of Magna Carta to the contemporary political landscape. He shows the impact of the ideas enshrined in 1215 on the development of representative democracy and the rule of law in the UK.

ACT RFK Human Rights Curriculum Pilot - Feature in Teaching Citizenship Issue 46

Speaking Truth to Power: Human Rights Defenders

In this article, published in the Winter 2017 edition of Teaching Citizenship, Liz Moorse and Lee Jerome report on a pilot project undertaken by ACT on behalf of Robert F. Kennedy Centre for Justice and Human Rights.

General Election 2015 - FREE materials for teachers

General Election 2015 - FREE material for teachers

Parliament has been brought to a close and the General Election is just around the corner.

Teaching Citizenship Issue 41 is full of ideas, resources, lesson plans, useful articles and briefings to help you teach about the election. Click here to download a special extract.


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