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The Global Learning Programme and Citizenship

ACT has been developing a range of activities, advice and guidance to support the Global Learning Programme (GLP), which is a national initiative funded by DfID. The ACT materials include a poster that can be downloaded, enlarged and displayed in the staff room or classroom to promote the GLP and Citizenship, documents to use with senior leaders, parents  and governors and planning documents for teachers in Key Stages 2 and 3. The downloads include:

Rock Enrol guidance

Advice and guidance on holding your own Rock Enrol event and FAQ's

Poster for Rock Enrol

A publicity poster for Rock Enrol

ACT guidance to support revised National Curriculum for Citizenship 2014

ACT has developed a range of guidance and materials to support the revised National Curriculum 2014. The materials include:

Identity, Diversity and Citizenship. A Critical Review of Educational Resources (2007)

A report evaluating the educational resources available to support the teaching and exploration of identity, diversity and citizenship.

This report was written by Ted Huddlestone of the Citizenship Foundation following the publication of the independent report on 'Diversity and Citizenship: curriculum review' (2007) for the DfES led by Sir Keith Ajegbo.

8 Level Scale & Assessment

The publication of the 8 level scale for Citizenship for use from May 2011 encourages Primary colleagues to consider how this document can be used to promote progression across KS1-3. Download the 8 level scale below.

Learning Outside The Classroom

Learning outside the classroom is an essential element of citizenship education since pupils are expected to engage with their local community and develop knowledge and awareness of the wider world. Citizenship was never intended to be taught exclusively within the classroom. This download from the Council for Subject Associations has suggestions on how to get your students engaged out of the classroom.

Enquiring Minds

The Enquiring Minds programme revealed that students working in partnership with their teachers and playing a part in designing their own curriculum are more confident, engaged and positive about school. Published this week, the Year 3 report, ‘Schools, Knowledge and Educational Change’, draws upon the detailed study of two schools implementing the programme.

Making Every Child Matter

The Council for Subject Associations have produced the first of many packs for the whole school with one page on each of 16 subjects. The pack has been sent to headteachers, but each subject sheet is intended for the subject leader. The one for Citizenship is downloadable here.

The Advisory Group for Citizenship Report (Crick Report)

The 'Advisory Group on the Teaching of Citizenship and Democracy in schools' published a report on 22 September 1998, often referred to as 'The Crick Report', that set out out the vision and ambition for citizenship education in England. In 1997, David Blunkett MP then Secretary of State for Education appointed Bernard Crick as chair of an advisory group to provide advice on the teaching of citizenship and democracy in schools.


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