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ACT Citizenship CPD - Module 1 Citizenship

This module considers the challenges that citizenship teachers may face in the quest to deliver compelling learning experiences. It looks at the opportunities available for CPD to meet these challenges and would be particularly useful for non-specialist teachers looking to develop their understanding of citizenship education. This module can be downloaded here. CITIZENSHIP CPD

ACT have developed a range of CPD modules to support the training and development of all those engaged in teaching citizenship. Each module has the same structure with:

  • an introductory task
  • two main activities and a plenary; and
  • a supporting PowerPoint presentation and resources.

The modules are intended to be delivered in a three-hour session or twilight CPD session, but can easily be adapted if you have less time available.

It is recommended that you select a group of modules relevant to your setting and deliver them on a regular basis for example once a term or half term.

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