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ACT's Citizenship Curriculum Framework

ACT's one page Citizenship Curriculum Framework provides an outline of the Citizenship skills and aptitudes, values and dispositions, knowledge and understanding, and concepts that children will develop and learn about. It is designed to help teachers think about the key aspects of the subject when designing, planning and implementing a high quality Citizenship curriculum at key stage 2 and 3 that contributes to personal development.

“It is really important that children make links between their learning and the real world and active citizenship is a fantastic way of achieving this. This Award is a brilliant opportunity to help children understand the relevance of citizenship to their daily lives. The focus on taking action in relation to issues in their school and wider community, and sparked by what they are learning is really exciting."

Marcus Bhargava, Head of School of Education, Kingston University
Amit Puni, Senior Lecturer in Education, Kingston Universit

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