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'The Bomb Factor' published by CND Peace Education

'The Bomb Factor' published by CND Peace Education has been award the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Education Resources. It is a practical teaching resource exploring the global issue of nuclear weapons and why some countries want to retain such weapons. The six-part resource has been designed so that pupils explore the arguments for and against nuclear weapons as they work through a series of teaching and learning activities. The six activities can be used together to form a half term unit of work or separately as stand alone lessons.

The resource complements the requirements of the National Curriculum for citizenship and also supports the development of SMSC.

The resource has been awarded the ACT Quality Mark for Citizenship Teaching Resources. The ACT assessment panel said,

"The Bomb Factor’ is a useful resource for citizenship teachers. It provides a range of arguments surrounding the controversial issues of the proliferation of nuclear weapons and the use of nuclear power. It promotes critical investigation, debate and discussion and develops pupil’s skills for dealing with differing opinions in the classroom."

This resource can be downloaded free of charge from the CND website.



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